Long Queues Outside Tim Hortons

Long Queues Outside Tim Hortons

  • Long queues outside Tim Hortons

Pakistan is currently experiencing significant difficulties due to the country's devastating floods, which have affected 30 million people, severe economic pressure, and the death of individuals due to a lack of flour and essential food items. Pakistan has been spiraling downward, and numerous international financial institutions have issued calls for default. Despite all of this, a Tim Hortons location opened in Lahore with 220 million people waiting for the end.

The branch had long lines of people waiting to get their coffees, no more parking, and people buying a 700 rupee coffee without really thinking about it. In the end, Tim Hortons set sales records and the record for the largest opening day in its more than 60-year history. (https://reviewit.pk/record-sales-by-tim-hortons-pakistan-gets-mixed-reactions/)

While the general public is troubled by Pakistan's alarming inflation, default rumors, and economic recession, some people are busy buying coffee and breaking records. Pakistan was able to surpass the opening sales record set by Tim Hortons, a well-known Canadian coffee shop when it opened in 1964. The Pakistani franchise outperformed everyone in the brand's history, with 5352 locations worldwide. For the uninitiated, the renowned coffee shop opened its first and flagship location on Saturday in Phase 6, DHA Lahore. An exclusive agreement with Blue Foods (Private) Limited included this. The company and the brand were fortunate that the first day's sales set a new record. The likelihood of a record-breaking sale was quite high given that Tim Hortons' French Vanilla and Iced Capps, its signature beverages, are now available to Pakistanis, as are Timbits, its baked goods, sandwiches, and wraps. The never-ending line for the coveted coffee shop shattered the internet, even though people adore international franchises. While some people are genuinely concerned about Pakistanis' priorities, others are responding to the situation in a sarcastic way. Everyone, from the entertainment industry to the general public, is in a state of panic. (https://en.dailypakistan.com.pk/12-Feb-2023/netizens-react-to-canadian-coffee-shop-timhortons-record-breaking-sales-in-pakistan)

At last, some people advise the government to open 4 of the Tim Hortons franchises to pay off the debt to the IMF. Isn’t that a good idea?

Jokes aside, it is a serious situation to understand that Pakistan has 2 sides. One side is keep struggling to survive while the other side of elite people is enjoying their coffee at Tim Hortons. That shows capitalism and social inequality in Pakistan.

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