Pakistan Could Face Tea Shortage If Containers Remain Stuck At Ports

Pakistan Could Face Tea Shortage If Containers Remain Stuck At Ports

  • Pakistan could face tea shortage if containers remain stuck at ports

The Pakistan Tea Association (PTA) has voiced its grave concerns regarding the current state of affairs at ports, where several tea-filled containers remain obscure. According to specifics, PTA Chairman Aman Paracha issued a warning that tea could soon become a scarce commodity across the nation if letters of credit (LCs) are not opened soon. Paracha, who enjoys tea as much as the majority of Pakistanis, also emphasized the significance of tea to everyday life. He went on to say that the current problem at the port has left 250 containers full of tea stranded, leaving only a month's worth remaining. Paracha has requested permission to open LCs for tea from the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) to prevent tea from becoming a scarce commodity. Paracha warned of serious consequences if the supply chain was disrupted. He warned that if nothing is done right away, its price could skyrocket in the coming days. Additionally, he emphasized that the country's demand for tea is approximately 250 million kilograms and that the PKR's recent devaluation has already had an effect, driving up the average cost by nearly Rs. 110 for each kilogram. Aman Paracha, who, like the majority of Pakistanis, appeared to be a fan of chai, emphasized the significance of tea to Pakistanis' daily lives in his speech. He went on to say that the country's poor are currently consuming a significant amount of tea, and he pleaded with the authorities to implement a long-term strategy in this regard. (

Apart from this, everyone knows the importance of tea in the lives of Pakistanis. People are feared because of the current situation. In all of Pakistan, guests are greeted with tea as a gesture of hospitality. Pakistani culture places a strong emphasis on tea consumption. Pakistani cuisine is one of the most widely consumed beverages. Noon Chai is a special blend of tea made with pistachios, almonds, salt, milk, and spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and star anise. It is a part of Kashmiri culture. Noon Chai is typically paired with pastries like sheermaal, bakarkhani, kulcha, and kandir tchot on special occasions. Milk tea, also known as "Doodh Pati," which doesn't require water, is a more casual beverage.

Chai and peace are linked together in Pakistan. If you need some solitude and peace in your life, Chai is your best friend. A cup of tea will help your brain function more efficiently whether you need some time to think, write, or create art. Chai improves everything, no matter where you are in life.

Chai is life, chai is love!

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