The Meteorological Department Predicts Early Summers In Pakistan In 2023

The Meteorological Department Predicts Early Summers In Pakistan In 2023

  • The meteorological department predicts early Summers in Pakistan in 2023

It’s easy to take our planet for granted until we see the human cost of its degradation: hunger, displacement, unemployment, illness, and death.

The planet has always had significant fluctuations in average temperatures. However, this current period of warming is occurring more rapidly than ever. Man-made activities have been increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. They are causing the average temperature of our planet to increase at a rate too fast for living things to adapt to. The number of people in humanitarian need has skyrocketed in the last decade, says International Rescue Committee (IRC)

The dramatic impacts of climate change have exposed with devastating clarity, how integral a healthy environment is to the enjoyment of all our other rights. (Agnès Callamard, Amnesty International's Secretary General)

The meteorological department predicts early summers in Pakistan in 2023 based on various weather patterns and data, such as temperatures, precipitation, and atmospheric conditions. They use mathematical models and historical data to make predictions about future weather patterns and the timing of seasonal changes.

Factors such as increased greenhouse gas emissions, which can cause global temperatures to rise, and changes in atmospheric circulation patterns could also play a role in the prediction of early summers in Pakistan in 2023.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has issued a warning about the early onset of hot weather this year.

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) Director Shahid Abbas stated that a heat wave is expected to hit Punjab in mid-February.

The onset of summer will be sooner than usual due to the impacts of climate change, he suggested.

The Met Office also stated that after witnessing ‘floods from the heavens’ due to heavy rains in 2022, there will be a decline in average rainfall this year.

As a result, the maximum temperatures could rise as high as 45 degrees Celsius.


The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has predicted that summers will start early, Ayesha Atta has reported for Samaa.

As per the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), summer could start as early as February. A heat wave is anticipated to hit Punjab, particularly Lahore in the middle of February, according to the PMD’s Shahid Abbas. (Ref:

The weather in 2023 is expected to be hotter than in 2022 and one of the warmest years on record according to the Met Office, which is the UK's national weather service.

The weather experts say it will be the 10th year in a row that global temperatures will reach at least 1C above average.

The world has already got warmer by around 1.1C and temperatures in 2023 are predicted to get between 1.08C and 1.32C. (Ref:

The government of Pakistan is taking steps to address the impacts of climate change by implementing adaptation and mitigation strategies, such as developing drought-resistant crops, improving early warning systems for natural disasters, and increasing investment in renewable energy.

It's important to note that weather and climate predictions are subject to uncertainties and can change as more data becomes available. The meteorological department will likely continue to monitor and update its predictions as needed.





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