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Burger Lab

Burger Lab is a famous fast food restaurant which serves freshly prepared burgers to its customers. They have made their identity by doing innovation in their food through continuous research. They make burgers using potato buns which are freshly baked for their customers, to add more taste to every bite of it.
With just a thought in mind to deliver with creativity and the taste Burger Lovers crave, We started with a simple take away outlet at Kh-e-Rahat. After that they have grown very quickly and now owns multiple outlets in Pakistan. Their places are always full of the customers because everyone want to enjoy their unique and mouthwatering food.
From introducing the American burger smash technique into the market, serving delicious mouth watering burgers with saucy and scrumptious fries, doing it all! They always try to bring something new in their menu so that their customers can get more tasty food and enjoy having burgers from burger lab.
In my opinion, their Key to success has solely been Innovating and experimenting, living up to their name ''BURGER LAB". And that is why they are always in the wish list of a customer who plans to dine out or to have fast food.
Not long from now, they wish to establish it in the near future as an International Burger Franchise.

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