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Coffee Planet

Coffee planet is a well known Arabic Coffee Brand which was started in 2005. When there was a common way of making coffee, Coffee planet came on planet with its different and better modification.

The aim of coffee planet was to enhance the quality of coffee served on the highway convenience stores. Our first partnership was signed with two major blue chip fuel companies in the UAE where our roasted coffee was served with fresh milk.

In 2007, our ambition and struggle dint stop here but we enlarge the serving points and started to deliver a complete range of coffee product to five star hotels, catering companies, offices and airports.

In 2008, a brand new roaster was established in Dubai which was making a special type of coffee which was taken direct from source so that the taste and freshening essence may not lose. For getting best quality coffee beans, we had to make liaison with producer and farmer in over 20 countries from the different parts of the world.

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