Difference between Brand Mark and its Logo

Brand Mark and its Logo Complete the Brand identity …..!

This article Highlight the difference between the Brand Mark and its Logo. Examples makes the brand identity easier for everyone. This article makes you familiar about famous brands in Pakistan its brand mark and logo.

Famous Brands and their Logo

Brand mark and its logo, before we know what a brand mark and its logo are, we let us understand what is brand Is it just the logo or a mark that we see? The famous running brand list such as Sana Safinaz, Khaddi, Limelight, Sapphire, Zartash, Gul Ahmed, Alkaram, Coke, Pepsi, Rang ja, Chinyer, Breeze, Nike, MacDonald, KFC and etc. remember because of its brand logo and mark. Alkaram and Gul Ahmed both brands are competitor as well as realize the people about the importance of brand logo and mark. In local market their replica is difficult to find because of its quality and design. About brand people think about product reliability for long time period. For example, Dawlance, PEL, LG, Orient and Kenwood are famous home appliances and their trust and reliability attract people to have their product at their homes.

For each person their choice of brand may be differ but their brand choice must hold a specific meaning for them. So when they buy a product or refer someone else to buy a product of same quality, it’s not just the logo they refer but they refer the brand quality and reliability. This personalized connection with a buyer are what a brand can bring to you. For Example, as we know that Coke and Pepsi both are competitor of each other and people prefer Coco Cola than Pepsi. This preference scale is not because of its color or taste it’s all because of people because the buyers friendly interactive part of the brand.

Difference between Brand Mark and Its logo

Same like brand logo, brand mark is the next thing a logo can have. A logo is a primary identity and we placed brand mark as a secondary identity. Brand logo is the most important part to be designed. Slightly modifications in existing logo undergo over year. Brand logo stay for the longer period and leave its identity on people mind. Brand mark on the other hand is used in addition to the logo and minor changes happening overtime in its color and layout. You can find the logo and brand mark usually on brand product, shopping bag and discount/membership card while brand mark becomes buyers friendly interactive part of the brand.

Separately from logo color, and layout the size of brand mark matters. If it’s so big it might have lost buyers attention. Standard size of both brand mark attracts the buyer to remember. For example, Nike brand mark as () remember by the buyers rather than its logo. In case of KFC Colonel Icon attracts buyer first rather than KFC mark work and RED and White Strips. Similarly, MacDonald’s brand mark (M) seeks buyer’s attention rather than its Yellow Color and Layout.

Examples of Brand Mark

Apart from above mentioned examples and for better understanding regarding brand mark and its logo let us look at some social media icons. Facebook brand mark its upper and lower cases and its blue color comes at once when we talk about it. Similarly, What’s app brand mark (call sign) becomes the homelier aspect of the brand to us.

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