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LOGO Franchise

LOGO is known for its high-quality fashion footwear and exclusively designed extravagance leather goods offering an incomparable shopping experience. Something that people immediately fell in love with, Built on the core ethics of Respect, Love and Integrity. LOGO products are recognized for their vibrant designs traditional craftsmanship, unique techniques, and high-quality materials, offered minimalistic, elegant, and sophisticated designs to their customers, each pair of LOGO shoes is designed and crafted by many talented prove Franchise for sale.

Concept of LOGO footwear and wishing of its expansion, initially in Pakistan, but with a view to further international expansion, the LOGO family has identified Franchising as its business building method of choice. LOGO Franchising has been specifically created as a vehicle for this.

Why Franchising?

It was not a difficult decision. Franchising is a partnership creating a Win / Win / Win situation for Franchisor, Franchise owner and Customer alike. The statistics speak for themselves. Franchising has been proven to be the safest, most rapid, and most cost effective business expansion system in operation.Most of the Brand provide Franchise for sale in all over in Pakistan.

What does a Franchise Offer Us?

As the Franchisor, we know we will be able to find Franchisees who will be totally committed to making our overall business a success. Every investor will be encouraged to lay solid foundations after one year, consider the second location. Ideally building up to a four or five store portfolio. Their degree of success will be governed by their own commitment and hard work. What better type of partner could there be? Franchisors and Franchise owners all committing time, money and effort in a joint venture to grow and prosper.

What Does a LOGO Franchise Offer You?

You will have the opportunity of examining the business in great detail before being involved to join us. Plus, there is the reassurance of knowing that our retail concept has been in the market from years, with a product and brand name already well-established and growing in the market place. Add to this a comprehensive business system – developed, refined and perfected, no wonder it’s a proven fact that a franchised business stands a higher chance of success than any new stand-alone business.

What do the Customers Gain?

Reassurance! Customers enjoy dealing with a Franchise owner location. Buying from an internationally known brand that offers local care, attention and accountability, promotes trust. It’s a winning formula for success.

Why LOGO as a Franchise?

Franchise for sale For the benefits already explained, plus a few we haven’t mentioned yet, most of which stem from the proven business system that has been developed and refined and is now ready to be passed on to our Franchise owner investors. Benefits such as:

  • Their fully integrated system provides full stock control automatic re- ordering facility, ensuring stock security and that vital daily gross profit calculation
  • Their stock maximization system that reduces stockholding levels, helping you to ensure you have the right stock at the right time

Own Your Business

This is a point worth stressing.Franchise for sale  As a Franchise owner you will be running your own retail business. Not working for a boss and not working for a salary. You will be the boss and the profits will be yours. You will also be a major factor in determining what those profits are. Unlike a stand-alone business however, you will have the backing of a successful organization behind you – all the way.

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