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Latt Liv

Lätt Liv is a Scandinavian Concept Brand offering Fashion & Lifestyle Products at affordable prices. LÄTT LIV is expanding globally. We now wish to cater to the people of Pakistan. Our brand will bring forth Fashion & Lifestyle experience like never before. We offer high quality products at affordable prices. Our product range is massive and includes things pertaining to Beauty & Healthy, Stationary & Toys, Home Accessories, Digital Products, Bags, Seasonal products, Fashion Jewelry & Hair Accessories etc. We aim to bring a wave of retail evolution with their branded products and affordable prices. OUR STORY: Lätt Liv means easy life in Swedish and this is where the Scandinavians come in. Both Ying and Sengqing has been traveling in Scandinavia before and made many good contacts with the locals. Ying and Shengqing both enjoy the Scandinavian easy, simple lifestyle and they saw the purpose of sharing it with the rest of the world. And the more they shared, the more possibilities were lying ahead to make this simple affordable lifestyle available for everyone. The Scandinavians are good at making sustainable long-lasting products and the Chinese are fast actors and have access to huge production facilities. Together very strong! Knowing that East and West had something in common, a team was built across Today there are now 350 stores in China, 16 stores just open in Pakistan, Indonesia just saw their first store and containers are being shipped to the Philippines and Panama to open here. That’s just the beginning! At the same time Scandinavian designers are now walking in and out the doors in Lätt Liv Headquarter in Guangzhou, just like Ying and Shengqing still travel to the north. This is our story so far. Feel’s like we just opened first chapter in the book and there is so much more awaiting ahead for all of us – and your invited too! Lätt Liv – easy life!

Latt Liv Brand Image   Latt Liv Brand Image

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