Two brothers who were crazy for potatoes fries and their recipe tests result was One-potato two potatoes. This will not wrong if we say they are the perfect fries pioneers, though Belgium is known best for its fries but they leave Belgium so far in the taste of super delicious fries. They experimented different types of potatoes with different cooking techniques and shared their fries to friends and family who after tasting them realized that this recipe will win the success.

One Potato Two Potatoes started in March 1998. OPTP is international trademark registered with the Potato Factory International. OPTP is a fast food restaurant; they offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. OPTP’s mission is to provide healthy, natural and super delicious fries with variety of their signature topping over it.

OPTP is expert and known for its fries .Spice up your gathering with delicious and fresh fries, they are so yummy that you will bite your fingers.

If you are fries lover then never get late to delight your taste from the fresh added potatoes fries and delicious signature sauces topping over the meal.

OPTP menu is the best appetizing and hunger enemy, their informal, cool and friendly environment stimulates the comfy feelings and you will enjoy your meal with your friends and family in a different but pleasant way. OPTP never compromise on the quality of its ingredients as they use fresh and juicy potatoes in their fries which are fleecy inside and crispy outside and delightful overall.

The secret of these fries is hidden in its preparing method as they are deep fried before frying. They will never make you bore from their old recipes because the new products are being added continuously.

OPTP concept is simple but standard is very high. They claim that “we fry first class” is no doubt very very true. They are the FIRST CLASS FRIER undoubtedly. Fire up your hunger and dive into the explosion of flavors.