What is Black Friday and how White Friday, Bless Friday and Big Day Takes its Place in Pakistan?

Black Friday celebration not restricted to the United State alone. It is celebrated in the United Kingdom and South Africa where the consumers queue is outside the stores for hours before store doors are opened.

When Black Criticized in Pakistan and Title as BIG Friday, White Friday and Blessed Friday.

Three year ago Black Friday waved when daraz.pk sales and promotion displayed on social media with bumper discount on each product up to 50% Off. Through that it switched to Big Friday as well. Last year the title criticized much on social media and Islamabad High Court filed petition against this title. According to the report, the petitioner had requested that government officials should be barred from attending ceremonies being held under Black Friday title. It should be called ‘Big Friday’ or ‘Bless Friday’ instead, the petitioner had suggested.

Following the last year’s events, and for safe end from any possible online and offline reactions, brands and stores have adopted ‘Big Friday,’ ‘Blessed Friday’ or ‘White Friday’ titles to promote their product sales. They are very much common in, as ‘Blessed Friday’ is now a happening event in Pakistan. While some say that for stores it is the perfect opportunity to clear out defected items left throughout the year. But there is certainly a cap to discounts. Sales offer up to 70% or 50%. It is rare to find items hitting the upper benchmark. It is also said that prices are raised and then put on discounts.

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